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WNB Designs is the fashion brand for couples that love to match each other. We are very proud to be the first and only fashion designs company that provides quality matching outfits for couples. WNB Designs matching outfits are designed to create a closer bond with someone special. NO OTHER OUTFITS CAN DO THAT! 

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Our Couples Outfits Designs

WNB designs are unique clothing designs created for  couples that want to display a little love in the air. It’s not right in your face like wearing the same T-shirt or Jeans uniform. WNB designs matching outfits are not only coordinated in color, but also made with the same fabric in certain part of the clothes such as the cuffs, collar, placket…etc. Let’s agree that wearing part of your partner’s cloth is not only fashionable but also very sexy.

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Black Butterfly Outfits
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Pink Flower Outfits
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Benefits Of Wearing Our Designs

🗸 PERFECT DATE NIGHT : Experience the perfect date night with your partner and fall in love with each other all over again

🗸 LOOK LIKE A POWER COUPLE : Create the power couple look every time you wear these matching outfits

🗸 FASHION STATEMENT : Wear these matching outfits and feel like a celebrity instantly

🗸 FEEL LIKE A NEW COUPLE AGAIN : Feel more connected with your partner each time you wear our matching outfits. It’s almost like renewing your vow to each other again.

romper by wnbdesigns
romper by wnb designs

Our Happy Customers!

I would have never thought I would wear “matching outfits” because I used to hate that. My wife tricked me into it. When I got my shirt from my wife as a birthday gift, I didn’t realize it was a matching set until after she asked me to roll up my sleeves. Brillant designs. Bravo WNB.


Martin Smith
Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I used to wear matching T-Shirts when we were in our 20’s. Now, we are so happy to have found this company. The designs are outstanding. My pink dress fits me like a glove and I couldn’t be happier with it. My husband and I owned a few couples outfits and we love them. 


Shelly Barns
Miami Beach FL

I am a huge fan of matching outfits for couples and we have been matching each other’s for years now. Before WNB,  I had paid thousands of dollars for other designs. I am enjoying these designs now at a fraction of the price that I used to pay. My wife and I are very satisfied with our designs.


Jacob Luke
Boston, MA

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